Forum: Good library etiquette is a shared social responsibility

We thank Ms Huang Meifang for her feedback (Do more to educate users on correct behaviour in public libraries, March 23).

The National Library Board and our partners promote reading and learning through programmes which are conducted in our libraries' designated zones.

These zones are converted into reading spaces when they are not in use, to provide additional seats for patrons.

We agree with Ms Huang that patrons should not reserve tables or seats, especially when there is reduced seating due to current social distancing measures.

Our staff regularly remind patrons to be considerate, and not to leave their belongings unattended. We also put up posters and make public announcements to encourage patrons to practise good library etiquette.

The interviews conducted at the Bishan Public Library cited by Ms Huang were organised by our programme partner as part of a walk-in job interview session, where candidates met prospective employers via video conferencing.

Given the implementation of social distancing measures for patrons, candidates were registered on the ground floor.

We will improve on the arrangements for future sessions.

Good library etiquette is a shared social responsibility. We seek the cooperation and support of our patrons so that our libraries can continue to be conducive spaces for reading and learning for all.

Catherine Lau

Assistant Chief Executive

Public Library Services

National Library Board