Forum: Give whistle-blowers channel to call out firms that violate framework

I applaud and welcome the much-needed changes to the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) (Firms to pay heavier price if they don't give locals a fair shot at jobs, Jan 15).

Clearly, based on ground sentiments and my first-hand experience, the existing FCF has not been as effective as it was intended to be.

To this end, for the revised framework to be relevant and serve its purpose, the hiring department has an important role to play: to call out any bad behaviour or non-compliant practices, and not be complicit in "gaming" the framework.

There should also be an independent channel for whistle-blowers to do the same (separate from the "complaints" route currently available), with appropriate due process undertaken thereafter.

Only with effective checks (and balances) in place and appropriate channels for flagging errant employers, can the framework deliver the best results.

Cheng Yew Hui