Forum: Fogging provides false sense of security

Nineteen people have died of dengue fever this year, just eight fewer than the number of Covid-19 deaths (19 dengue deaths to date this year, July 21).

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has reported a staggering 413 active clusters.

The number of fogging operations has increased indiscriminately despite experts being unclear if fogging actually helps (More fogging done, but experts quiz effectiveness, July 21).

Fogging seems to be the most convenient and "visible" way to show that steps have been taken by the management of buildings to combat dengue.

However, in reality, it only drives mosquitoes from one area to another. But pest control companies continue to offer regular fogging as part of the solution, giving everyone a false notion of safety.

The NEA should take a strong stand on the ineffectiveness of fogging and instead offer alternative methods based on expert advice.

More should be done to educate the public on precautionary measures in their homes, such as installing mosquito nets and shutting windows at certain hours of the day.

In just my own household of six, three of us have been diagnosed with dengue, with two of us needing to be hospitalised.

The ordeal has been painful and harrowing. The needless suffering and risk of death can be prevented if people are educated correctly.

Teo Hsin Yi

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