Forum: Five-year COE from deregistered vehicle goes back to pool for bidding

We thank Ms Janet Tan for her feedback (Does five-year COE renewal count towards overall quota?, Jan 7).

The validity period for new certificates of entitlement (COEs) and renewal COEs for cars and motorcycles is set at 10 years, with no restrictions on the number of renewals.

For car owners who feel that their vehicle may not last another 10 years, or for other personal reasons may wish to hold on to their car for just five more years, we allow a one-time five-year COE renewal as a special concession.

The vehicle must be deregistered immediately at the end of five years, and this condition is made known clearly to all car owners when they opt for the five-year extension option.

The COE from the deregistered vehicle is then returned to the pool of COEs available for bidding.

On the whole, our vehicle ownership system aims to be fair, while taking into account the different needs of existing car owners and prospective owners.

Ong Hui Guan

Deputy Group Director

Policy and Planning

Land Transport Authority