Forum: Firms not badly hit by pandemic shouldn't keep wage support payouts

Ms Angeline Koh's suggestion on Jobs Support Scheme (JSS) payouts makes sense (Condo managing agents should pass on JSS payouts to clients, June 27).

This is because managing agents are being paid in full by condominium management corporations and have not been adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is why I am heartened by the action taken by pharmaceutical group Boehringer Ingelheim to donate its second tranche of JSS payouts to seven charities (German firm donates $700,000 in JSS payouts to 7 charities, June 29).

I have not read many media reports of local companies that are not badly affected by the pandemic doing the same with their JSS payouts.

It is not right to be paid in full by clients while receiving government payouts at the same time, especially at a time when so many other firms are suffering financial losses.

I suggest compiling a list of companies that have returned their JSS payouts or donated them to charity, and highlighting these firms to the public.

Meanwhile, when the situation is more settled, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore should look into firms that are not adversely affected amid the pandemic and yet have not returned or donated their payouts.

Cheong Soon Kiat

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