Forum: Excerpts from readers' letters


While registering for NTUC Income's online self-service, I wondered what the solution would be had I unintentionally given a wrong e-mail address.

I called Income's general hotline to find out, but none of the automated options was related to my concern. The voice menu did not come with the option to speak with an operator. I tried two other Income hotlines but got the same result.

I recognise the importance of preparing oneself to be more digitally literate for the future, but Income should show more empathy to its customers and provide an option of speaking with an operator.

June Wong Chui Har


Last weekend, when I stepped out of the house to have a meal, I encountered several lapses in hygiene from food handlers.

At a popular Japanese chain, after the waiter refilled my cup, I noticed that his fingers touched the rim of my cup. I also saw a waitress serving a bowl of rice to another table, with her fingers touching the rice. The staff also used their hands to clean tables after customers were done with their meals.

And when I went to a popular bread outlet, I noticed that the woman serving me used her hands to adjust her mask before packing the buns I had bought.

The authorities are trying to raise hygiene standards and make sure we keep our environment as clean as possible. There is an urgent need for improved hygiene standards from food handlers, now, more so than before.

Mabel Chan


There is a high chance some airline cabin crew have caught the coronavirus. To reduce its spread, it may be best if they limit their duties to cleaning and safety checks for now, ensuring that seat belts are on, tray tables are up and supervising evacuation.

Rather than having meals served in the plane, passengers could pick up packed meals and bottled water at the departure lounge before boarding their flight.

Touch points need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly - seat belt clips, toilet flush buttons and toilet locks. It might be worth considering turning off even the in-flight entertainment touch screen and controller as they are not easy to disinfect.

Markus Ruddock