Forum: Excerpts from readers' letters


I am 88 years old with no IT knowledge, no PC or printer.

My NTUC membership card expired in April this year and I was asked to renew the membership on June 17.

I sent a cheque on June 23 and since then I have not received any acknowledgement or card.

How can I get a new card? I have been a member since my working days. I am sure there are other elderly people in a similar situation.

Mathew Abrahim


Raising the limit of delegates allowed for meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions (Mice) events from 50 to 250 delegates is too timid and conservative a move (S'pore to allow bigger Mice events with up to 250 people, Sept 8).

The fatality rate from Covid-19 in Singapore is low and our hospitals are coping well.

There are fewer curbs on business events in places coping well with the pandemic - for example, Malaysia, Germany, China and Taiwan. I would assume Singapore is in a similar position and should follow the lead of Germany, which will lift the limit on attendees of business events to 1,000 people next month.

Hua Tye Swee


How is the speed limit within HDB and URA carparks monitored and enforced? I can hardly find any signage at carpark entrances or within to inform all motorists the maximum speed limit allowed.

Many times, I have witnessed motorists and motorcyclists travelling far above the speed limit in carparks.

Could the relevant authorities look into this before accidents happen?

Chew Weng Fatt


The Tuas Nexus facility is a world-class project that will make Singapore stand out as one of the leaders in advancing environmental sustainability (Work begins on Tuas Nexus facility), Sept 9).

It is an invaluable contribution to the fight against climate change. Just as Newater made an impact years ago in the challenge to meet our water needs, I believe this project will also do us proud when it is fully completed in 2025.

Phillip Tan Fong Lip


The latest promotional offer by new telco TPG as part of the Senior Goes Digital movement is indeed a very affordable one, and my wife and I promptly subscribed to it. We picked up the two SIM cards only to find that they did not work despite being told the mobile lines would be activated immediately.

There is no helpline to call and we had to e-mail or get on Facebook to lodge a complaint.

On Facebook, I was shocked to read the numerous comments on the telco's poor service.

I hope the authorities will review this new telco and audit its services.

Lim Choo Beng