Forum: Ensure content of Pink Dot live stream is suitable for children

I refer to the article (Pink Dot organisers' light-up call does not flout the law: MSF, June 25).

As a father of three children, I appreciate the Ministry of Social and Family Development's (MSF) assurance of its role in safeguarding the interests of the children in our nation, and reiterating the Government's position that the traditional family unit remains the bedrock of our society.

In my work with families of various profiles over the years, I have interacted with many parents who struggle with building strong values and character in their children while managing their children's media and technology use.

With more diverse content being accessible to children at a younger age, parents have a heavier burden and a shorter runway to instil strong values and media discernment in their children.

While the MSF has made known its position on the call for people to light up their homes, I appeal to the ministry to further safeguard the interests of children in our nation by assessing and clarifying whether the content of the Pink Dot event that will be live-streamed is suitable for viewing by children.

I hope the MSF, as a guardian and protector of our children, could review the existing legislation in view of the increasingly complex environment that our children are growing up in.

While parents like me can do our best to be the first teachers and guardians of our children, I hope we can take a whole-of-Singapore approach in nurturing our young, with the Government concurrently and actively supporting our homes to be a safe and nurturing place through its laws and policies.

Jonathan Lim Boon Seng

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