Forum: Educators need to show moral courage

Mr Foo Sing Kheng has asserted his civic duty to caution schools against discouraging students from discussing politics on social media (School shouldn't stop students discussing politics on social media, July 7).

I find it amusing that educators are so apprehensive to push the "boundaries" they perceive to exist between citizenship and partisan politicking that they react in a manner which stifles their primary commitment as educators.

If educators are not educating the students in their charge, then what are they doing as educators?

The idea that politics is inherently partisan is not only anachronistic, but also flawed and stifles the very objectives of education.

The Ministry of Education in its General Paper syllabus for the A levels states that one of the outcomes of being able to write a cohesive, clear and cogent argument on current affairs is to be well informed about current affairs.

How would students do this if they were discouraged from thinking, writing and discussing ideas pertinent to developing a mature understanding of social and political issues right where they live?

Educators need to demonstrate moral courage if they wish to succeed in their primary duties.

Thomas Lee Hock Seng (Dr)

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