Forum: Don't send employees back to the office

It was reported that 239 scientists signed an open letter to the World Health Organisation, calling for a new set of safety recommendations in the light of evidence that the spread of the coronavirus could be airborne (239 scientists flag risk of airborne virus, July 6).

However, it seems like many companies are eagerly sending their employees back to the office.

It is a perilous move if the virus spread proves to be airborne, placing productivity above the health of every Singaporean.

We have seen how quickly the virus spread among foreign workers living in dormitories. We cannot afford to let the pandemic pick up momentum and hit us hard again.

If companies insist on getting employees back to the office, then appropriate safety precautions must be in place, and companies that compromise on safety should be fined hefty amounts.

A dedicated hotline should also be set up for all Singaporeans to report firms or individuals who are taking unnecessary risks, so as to safeguard the interests of all employees.

I am sure Singaporeans do not want to have to experience the circuit breaker all over again. And there is a real danger of it happening.

Already, Australia's second-largest city Melbourne went into lockdown again from midnight yesterday to contain the outbreak (Back inside, July 8).

The authorities should send out a strong message that working from home should remain the default.

Tabilta Teo

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