Forum: Don't saddle condo security officers with task of accepting food deliveries

In asking security officers at condominiums to take charge of food that has been delivered before the resident comes to collect it, Mr Ong Lee Fong seems not to understand what the officers' duties and responsibilities at the guardhouse are (Make job easier for staff delivering food to condos, May 25).

In general, security officers' duties and responsibilities at a condominium are to take care of the overall security of residents.

This includes screening visitors and patrolling the estate, as well as attending to any emergency matters within the estate and other security-related matters.

They are not at the guardhouse to receive food that is delivered or to sign any acknowledgement of receipt. We should not pass this responsibility to the officers and add to their workload. It would be unfair to them.

Food delivery personnel are paid to deliver the food to where it is to be sent. Why should this task be passed to others so that the food delivery personnel can save time and earn more from making more trips?

And who would be responsible for any lost, mixed-up or damaged items?

Security officers are not paid to take on such responsibility.

Ng Choon Lai

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