Forum: Don't lose the masks once pandemic passes

The first week of phase two of Singapore's reopening has been somewhat liberating. After more than two months, we could finally go out and dine in groups of five with our friends and family.

There was one obvious difference: everyone was wearing a mask. Since the practice became mandatory during the circuit breaker, Singapore has, albeit uncomfortably, eased into the practice of wearing masks.

We should use this rare opportunity to build civic consciousness in all residents in Singapore. Let us encourage the act of wearing masks in public when we are feeling unwell.

In the pre-Covid-19 days, it was not uncommon to see people in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan wearing masks in public, as they did not wish to spread their illness to others. This act of consideration is admirable and should be emulated in Singapore.

I hope that if the Covid-19 situation has taught us anything, it is that we should wear masks if we are feeling unwell, an act which is responsible and protects others from falling ill.

Let us not immediately lose the masks once it is not compulsory to wear them. Step by step, we can build a more considerate Singapore together.

Toh Jia Ze

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