Forum: Do more to help those in need

While the Covid-19 pandemic has caused disruption, it is also an opportunity to re-evaluate various policy measures.

The road ahead calls for greater support for those who have lost their jobs. Whether in the form of training support or monetary assistance, such support will help individuals and their families tide through this difficult period, while building up Singapore's social capital for a more productive economy.

More has to be done to provide the voiceless in our society a chance to voice out their needs and concerns.

Gone are the days when basic needs referred to just food and shelter. It is paramount for children from disadvantaged homes to have the appropriate technological tools and learning environment so that they do not fall behind even more.

These are not problems faced by only the poor. Relative deprivation in an unequal society has grave repercussions on an individual's access to life opportunities.

Internet accessibility and education today have an even more direct relationship to an individual's socio-emotional and cognitive development.

Teo Kai Ting