Forum: Do critics demand only positive or neutral portrayals of LGBTQ characters?

Mr Howard Wan argues that while drama series My Guardian Angels' storyline "may in and of itself not be discriminatory, it could inadvertently reinforce such false stereotypes" (Drama series could inadvertently reinforce stereotypes, July 22).

The conundrum here then is this: should only non-LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) characters fill negative roles in drama series? I do not think that is the answer.

Neither should drama series shy away from negative issues affecting society.

One should first examine whether any minority group is disproportionately cast in negative roles.

Another question is whether the production actually advocates negative stereotypes of the minority, rather than portray the problem to be with the individual.

Unless the critics demand only positive or neutral portrayals of LGBTQ characters, they might want to instead consider suggesting how the negative portrayal of an LGBTQ character can be done without reinforcing false stereotypes.

This would be a more meaningful communication and learning experience for everyone.

Chen Junyi

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