Forum: Delay opening of border to foreign visitors

The surge in shopper traffic at popular malls in Singapore is to be expected with the start of phase two, in line with what happened in other major cities around the world where the end of a lockdown also led to hordes rushing to shopping malls (Foot traffic at popular malls surges by up to 80% on weekend, June 23).

The crowds will taper off after a few months as the initial euphoria wears off.

This being the case, it would be prudent for the authorities to delay the import of visitors from other countries such as Malaysia (Singapore ready to work with Malaysia on cross-border travel, June 21).

Give some leeway to local residents to release their pent-up frustrations after being shut in for so long. After their thirst has been quenched, foreigners can come in if the situation still permits.

Phillip Tan Fong Lip

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