Forum: Defer letting people from different households dine together at restaurants

From tomorrow, groups of up to five people will be allowed to dine in at restaurants (Phase two starts on Friday: Shops can reopen, dining in allowed, June 16).

This is fine if all members are from the same household. But I have concerns if people from different households were to dine together.

The coronavirus can easily be transmitted when people dine together in groups.

As we are just in the process of opening up and there are still asymptomatic cases in the community, we should be very mindful of the risks posed to vulnerable seniors.

If people gather with others to dine at restaurants and are infected with the disease, they might return home to pass it on to elderly family members.

There is no point asking seniors to stay at home to stay safe when they will be at risk of being infected at home.

I appeal to the multi-ministry task force to defer allowing up to five people from different households to dine together until phase three of the post-circuit breaker period, when the situation has stabilised further.

Stephen Chua