Forum: Dangers of bad habits at hawker centres not taken seriously

Many Singaporeans still have the wrong mindset that it should be left entirely to the cleaners to clear the tables at hawker centres (Bad habits die hard for diners at hawker centres despite clean drive, Aug 11).

Even with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, people still do not realise the danger of leaving used tissue paper around. This is a source of contamination and virus spread. Many do not realise this danger or simply do not take it seriously.

I agree with not wanting to eat off a tray, since I think most of the trays are old and not cleaned properly.

Trays should be cleaned thoroughly with hot water and not just wiped down with the same cloth that cleaners use to wipe the tables.

And trays should be replaced every few years for hygiene reasons.

There should also be a bin located at the tray return area for customers to throw their used tissues.

Singaporeans must change their mindset. Clearing one's own table helps to ease cleaners' workload. And it is being considerate to the next person using the table.

Children should be taught to clean up after themselves and return their trays after eating. Sadly, most parents do not themselves set a good example.

I urge fellow Singaporeans to clear the table and return the tray after eating.

Good hygiene should be practised during the ongoing pandemic and beyond.

Schools can remind children to practise good hygiene, but most importantly, parents must do their part and be good role models.

Susan Tan Lin Neo

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