Forum: Cyclists, PMD users on roads: Take interim steps to boost safety

I agree with Ms Loh Ying Bei's call in her Forum letter for licensing requirements for cyclists who use the roads (License cyclists to enhance safety for all road users, Sept 14).

However, this should be implemented not only for cyclists, but also for users of personal mobility devices (PMDs). It should be made compulsory for all of them to know the rules and regulations of the roads.

It is not uncommon to see food delivery cyclists moving from the third lane to the first lane in a three-lane road without signalling in advance and checking their blind spots.

They also do not appear to be wearing proper safety gear.

Other road users have to apply the brakes to avoid an accident.

Since we do not have adequate infrastructure for such road users at the moment, other steps to enhance safety should be taken first.

As a start, we could form neighbourhood volunteer teams to be on the lookout for errant road users on bicycles or PMDs.

This could be helpful while the proposal for licensing requirements is being considered.

Gabriel Ong