Forum: Countries need to work together to tide over virus outbreak

t was disappointing to learn of the Kuwaiti Embassy's call for its nationals not to travel to Singapore and for those currently in the Republic to leave promptly.

This followed the Singapore Government's announcement to raise its disease outbreak response to orange over Covid-19.

As a Singaporean, I strongly urge embassies here to deliberate their travel advisories to Singapore calmly.

Behind every reported new confirmed case of coronavirus infection is an established inter-ministerial task force committed to tracking, containing and informing on the epidemic effectively and, more importantly, openly.

Public officers, healthcare workers and a growing pool of volunteers are working round the clock to monitor the latest epidemiological developments to keep investments, properties and people in Singapore safe and informed.

Singaporeans have often come together in giving generous donations and active assistance to countries suffering natural calamities and disasters around the world.

Connectivity is our strength and the only asset we have with the rest of the world.

In these difficult weeks to come, I hope other countries will not forsake us. Only together can we tide over this outbreak as one world.

Liew Kai Khiun

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