Forum: Constantly upgrade skills for job security

The Covid-19 crisis has resulted in business difficulties and put the livelihood of many people at risk. Unemployment and retrenchments have unfortunately surged so far this year (Over 5,000 citizens retrenched between January and June, Sept 5).

People must be willing to continue to reinvent themselves. They have to find new methods of working in the new norm and pivot themselves into new areas of the nation's socio-economic growth.

To increase job security for the future, one must constantly upgrade one's skills in order to keep up with the constantly evolving demands of the economy.

Amanda Chua Sin Eng, 20

Undergraduate student

Cut down meat intake to save earth

Research shows that 80 billion animals are killed each year for meat and that demand and consumption of meat is increasing.

A high demand puts pressure on supply. This means that more land will be required for animal breeding and husbandry. This would require that trees be cut down to clear the land, leading to deforestation, which reduces the supply of oxygen on earth.

In addition, the amount of carbon dioxide released in the air goes up, trapping heat and causing earth to warm up.

The upset in the balance of nature also increases the risk of extinction of animals.

I think that more meat is being consumed than necessary and we can all do our part to cut down on our meat intake.

There are many ways that we can save the planet for the future generation. If we are all willing to put aside our wants and focus on our needs, I think that anything is possible.

Annanya Agarwal, 13,

Secondary 1 student

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