Forum: Consider quota system in tandem with Fair Consideration Framework

Singaporeans should always be given priority for jobs that they can and will do, such as in information technology, administration and operations (Firms to pay heavier price if they don't give locals a fair shot at jobs, Jan 15).

There will always be ways for firms to get around the Fair Consideration Framework, by, for example, not calling Singaporeans for an interview, unreasonable language considerations, perfunctory job postings and/or interviews, setting low pay, or unfair pre-conditions.

Rules cannot be implemented well if there is no effective enforcement. With the penalty of non-compliance being so low, there is really no pressure on firms to adhere to the framework. Thus, the new regime will not work.

A better way is to implement a quota system (say 10 per cent) for all jobs (including those under employment pass) paying below $15,000 a month in tandem with the new regime.

This way, there would really be no way for firms to game the system, and Singaporeans would have a fair go at jobs.

Colin Loh Yoon Fui

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