Forum: Condo managing agents should pass on JSS payouts to clients

Most condominium management corporations, or MCSTs, engage professional managing agents to manage their estates.

When the MCSTs and managing agents work out the contract, they take into account the number of staff to be deployed in the condominium and the remuneration for them.

The Government's Jobs Support Scheme (JSS) is intended to provide wage support to employers. While the Ministry of Manpower advisory exempts service providers, including managing agents, from having to pass on the JSS payouts, would this still apply if at the outset, the agreement is such that the contract covers the salaries of the staff deployed at the condo?

Since managing agents are legal employers of staff working at condos, managing agents receive the JSS payouts.

But the remuneration for the staff had been discussed and is covered by the contract between the MCST and the managing agent - the MCST effectively foots the salaries.

In this instance, it appears managing agents are enjoying a windfall, as they receive JSS payouts for staff who are already being paid in full by the MCSTs through the agreed-upon management fees. Shouldn't the managing agents either pass on the JSS payouts to the MCSTs in some form, or return the payouts to the Government?

Managing agents should not be profiting from a government scheme intended to help employers retain employees during a period of uncertainty.

Angeline Koh

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