Forum: Come down hard on those who flout circuit breaker rules

With the circuit breaker's end in sight, it might be necessary for the authorities to implement stiffer punishments to rein in improper - even dangerous - behaviour from people who flout laws meant to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

First, there is bound to exist among us a minority who behave in ways that are out of the ordinary. This would include people who try to get infected with Covid-19 by deliberately seeking out those with the disease, as seen in countries such as the United States where "Covid-19 parties" have been organised.

Second, I have seen social media posts on WhatsApp and Instagram from people openly challenging the police to arrest them for flouting the law, as they are not afraid of having to pay the "mere sum" of $300 or even face jail sentences. Hence, the present punishments should be doubled at least.

Most of us look forward to the day when normalcy will be restored.

The last thing we want is to

have a few black sheep spoil it for everyone and take us back to square one.

Phillip Tan Fong Lip

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