Forum: Close parks and nature reserves

I thank the healthcare workers working tirelessly on the front lines to fight Covid-19, as well as the government workers trying to contain the pandemic.

But there are groups of people who, especially during the weekends, are congregating in nature reserves and parks as though nothing unusual is happening in the world.

This is disheartening and disturbing as the large groups of people in these places may potentially spread the coronavirus. It is very irresponsible, to say the least.

These "bochap" (indifferent) people have no fear of the coronavirus. They treat it as another type of viral flu which people recover from without specialised help, and think that they can rely on Singapore's first-class medical expertise should they fall ill.

They are playing Russian roulette with their fellow Singaporeans and the country.

National Centre for Infectious Diseases clinical director Shawn Vasoo is right to call the attitude of some members of the public lackadaisical (New cases of virus reach high of 386 in Singapore, April 14).

I therefore appeal to the Government to ban entry to all national parks and nature reserves. These places are non-essential.

Francis Yeow