Forum: Clearer govt communication can ease privacy concerns

The Government should exercise more caution and communicate more effectively on policies that will affect the privacy of its citizens.

I believe that one of the reasons there was a heated discussion over the initial announcement of a wearable device for contact tracing was the lack of specific information on how the device will work (Singapore looking at wearable contact tracing device for all, June 6).

This initial lack of clarity may have caused confusion and anxiety among the populace, with some labelling the device as an Orwellian attempt to monitor the population.

Robust negative feedback followed, including a petition against the use of the device that was initiated online on June 6 and had garnered more than 40,000 signatures by yesterday.

All things considered, the Government has to delicately balance the need for containing the Covid-19 pandemic and the need for personal data privacy.

The intentions behind introducing the device are nonetheless grounded in reality and for the greater good of Singapore.

Yong Jun Jie