Forum: Car insurers should offer refunds

Like many other car owners, I have been staying at home for most of the past three months amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and it will probably be the same next month.

I have hardly driven my car.

I wrote to my car insurer to ask for a refund, but was told that according to the terms and conditions of my insurance policy, I was not entitled to one.

The financial impact of the pandemic is unprecedented. Banks, finance companies and life insurers have offered various measures to help customers with their financial difficulties.

Motor insurers in places such as the United States, Canada and Australia have offered refunds, credits and other innovative measures to help customers.

A reason given has been that numerous studies have predicted that car accidents will be reduced significantly simply because there are fewer cars on the roads.

Perhaps it is time for motor insurers here to play their part and consider offering a refund to their customers.

Tony Seah Eng Wah

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