Forum: Call to cut number of foreign workers here is short-sighted

I support the call by various business groups not to reduce the number of migrant workers in Singapore as it would be detrimental to the economy (Don't cut foreign worker levels, say business groups, May 28).

Migrant workers have contributed immensely to the development of Singapore, in jobs that Singaporeans shun.

Although they account for more than 90 per cent of confirmed Covid-19 infections here, they are still an integral part of Singapore's labour force. They did not bring the virus to Singapore but were victims of circumstance, being housed in dormitories that precipitated the spread. It is our obligation as the host country to treat and care for them until they recover.

The call to reduce the number of migrant workers from non-business groups in the light of the Covid-19 outbreak is short-sighted.

When the pandemic blows over, we need these workers to complete stalled projects.

Those who call for fewer migrant workers need to consider the implications of a labour shortage.

Will there be enough Singaporeans to fill the vacant spots when the pandemic blows over? Are they willing to brave the elements and accept such low-wage, back-breaking jobs?

Lin Howard