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Thankful for peace and racial harmony

I thank the Building and Construction Authority for heeding my appeal and deploying grass-cutters to clear a patch of overgrown grass next to my estate, which could have provided a mosquito-breeding habitat.

And having watched parliamentary sessions overseas descend into mayhem and physical confrontation, I am also happy to know that an able and capable team of opposition MPs will be present to assist the Government in fulfilling the promises it made in its manifesto, which include creating jobs and helping the poor and struggling.

I look forward to the continued peace and racial harmony that Singapore citizens have been blessed with.

Vivien Tan

Kindness shown to a stranger

I write to thank a Singaporean couple for their kind gesture to help my daughter who is studying in Singapore.

I met Mrs Liu by chance at a bookstore last year. My wife and I chatted with her, and she gave us insights into the Singapore education system and the challenges ahead. Since then, we have kept in touch.

During the circuit breaker in Singapore, my 15-year-old daughter was on her own without a laptop, and she asked us for help. My search for a reliable used laptop retailer led me to contact many people, but my attempts were unsuccessful until I reached out to Mrs Liu, who was in Australia under lockdown at the time.

She contacted her husband in Singapore, who, without hesitating, bought a brand-new laptop and sent it to my daughter's hostel within three hours. He told me that it was a present for my daughter. His unwavering kindness towards a stranger touched the hearts of my family and me.

Kent Tan

First-class service from bank

Last week, I withdrew $80 from my POSB account, but realised a few hours later that I had forgotten to retrieve the money from the ATM.

I called the bank's hotline and informed it of what had happened. Ten minutes later, I received an SMS telling me that the $80 had been credited back to my account.

I thank POSB for its first-class service.

John Mitchell