Forum: Blind job applications only create doubt

I believe the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices' guidelines lay out a very clear message that discriminatory recruitment practices are not acceptable.

Candidates should know that errant employers will be taken to task, and not be unduly concerned that their application may be cynically discarded just because their name may reveal, for instance, their gender.

"Blind" applications serve no purpose except to create doubt about the candidate (Omit names in job applications, by Mr Faisal Maricar; and Blind recruitment promotes a stronger and fairer workforce, by the Association of Women for Action and Research, both Jan 30). With or without a name in the application, the candidate is compelled to share a true and accurate description of his abilities, experiences and what value proposition he offers.

Let the human resources department and the hiring manager know who you are, and not be known as "Candidate X".

Yeow Chun Fey

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