Forum: Better ways to tap technology to aid teaching

here is no doubt technology can help improve education. However, I feel schools are not using technology appropriately to aid teaching.

Many teachers are trying to cope with using a variety of online meeting platforms to deliver their lessons. Instead, cluster superintendents can encourage schools under their supervision to pool resources.

For instance, every teacher in a cluster can prepare and teach a few topics, video record the lessons and share the teaching materials within the cluster.

Students can watch the video and teachers can take the time during their online meeting sessions to explain and deepen the students' understanding of the topics instead.

This is how many people are using Udemy or for self-learning.

Over time, these study materials will be valuable assets. Teachers can save time teaching and focus instead on engaging the students to make sure they are keeping up with their learning.

Schools are also trying hard to make use of the Student Learning Space (SLS).

The time spent on creating and preparing those online materials does not translate into better learning experiences.

Students also struggle to use it sometimes and a lot of precious time is wasted trying to complete very basic and elementary tasks which they could easily complete offline.

Instead, teachers can spend time directing students to do extra reading and learning using resources that are already available on the Internet.

I hope the Ministry of Education can provide leadership that empowers teachers rather than restricting them to work within guidelines.

Chua Boon Yiang