Forum: Assume that those who get polyclinic referral want cheaper treatment

I was greatly alarmed to read that patients may be being influenced into unknowingly opting for a more expensive treatment plan when their main intention was to get a cheaper one (More clarity needed on polyclinic referrals and accessing subsidised care, Jan 16).

Polyclinics serve many working-class Singaporeans whose companies may not offer much in the way of medical benefits. The second major group that polyclinics serve are retirees who worry about high medical costs.

Logically, if one comes with a referral letter from the polyclinic, the intention is to have the cheapest treatment plan available.

So if the question of choice of doctor arises, most would opt for the doctor one regularly sees. They are not opting for a private care service.

I, like many others, am baffled as to why means testing is necessary if one opts to downgrade to subsidised care after being a private patient previously.

Financial prudence should be encouraged, whether or not one can afford it. Means testing in medical care should be discarded.

Foo Sing Kheng

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