Forum: Alarmed by large increase in dental charges with use of Medisave

Recently, my daughter required a wisdom tooth extraction with surgery. We consulted a neighbourhood dentist and were given a quotation of $950 for the procedure. We were told we would be allowed to use Medisave.

My daughter called another dentist and was quoted $1,000, with the use of Medisave also allowed. I checked with a third dental clinic in Ang Mo Kio central, and was quoted a $500 flat fee, cash only.

What is the rationale for such a big difference in charges? And it appears only the higher quotes allow for the use of Medisave.

Such skyrocketing charges are not only restricted to wisdom tooth extraction, but also can be found for crowning and implants.

The quotes for treatments where Medisave can be used are easily two or three times higher.

A few years back, I brought my elderly mother to a dentist to fix new dentures.

The dentist said the clinic did not offer denture services but offered to give her a routine cleaning to her four front teeth in her lower jaw. She was charged over $300, but had to shell out only about $20 to $30 in cash.

I can't help but feel that there is some loophole when it comes to these charging practices which is being exploited, targeting people's hard-earned Medisave funds, as well as other government subsidies.

This should not happen.

Png Siew Ai

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