Forum: Agencies will explain rationale of decisions even if public's request not met

We thank Mr Luo Siao Ping for his feedback (Govt agencies yet to catch up to 4G leaders' vision, Jan 24).

The public service is committed to giving a voice to Singaporeans when designing public policy.

Efforts over the years have included community consultations and ground-up initiatives to enhance local neighbourhoods, with the support of government agencies and relevant stakeholders.

The OneService application (OS App) is designed for quick resolution of municipal issues by coordinating the responses across government agencies.

The majority of the issues are straightforward operational issues that are resolved within one week.

In cases where more time is needed for review, investigation and consultation, an estimated timeframe for completion will be provided where possible.

Issues that require major reworks and substantial budget will not be resolved within a short time span.

In some cases, the public's request may not be met because of budgetary and other operational, design or safety constraints.

In all cases, the OS App will close the case with an option for users to provide further feedback.

This will enable the relevant agency to take further actions.

While the public service may not be able to meet all requests made by the public, we are committed to explain the rationale of our decisions, and communicate and engage the public as best as we can.

As for Mr Luo's request to increase the space for pedestrians at the shelter at Lorong Chuan MRT station, the relevant agency has already reached out to him to see if enhancements can be made to address the issue raised.

Kenneth Kwok
Municipal Services Office

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