Forum: A wish list for Singapore as GE draws near

I encourage all young Singaporeans to take an active interest in the general election, whether they are voting this time or not, and even make GE2020 wish lists to let politicians know their dreams and visions for their future.

It is never too early or too late.

Recently, Mr Viswa Sadasivan, at age 60, made known one of his wishes (Dirty politics is a lose-lose scenario for Singapore, July 1).

At 61, I am making a wish list too.

It includes an end to people shirking from airing their views and opinions, which they feel are for the good of Singapore and Singaporeans, so that the country can stand proud and eschew the "far safer to be feared than loved" maxim of Machiavelli.

Instead, let Singapore be known across the world as a place where the politics of love, hope, compassion, justice and mercy prevails, propelled by men of integrity and passion for country and countrymen.

More than 50 years have gone by since Singapore's independence. Singapore has to grow and mature, step back from just striving for first place and perhaps look to improve in areas that befit a First World country.

Often criticised for a lack of creativity and entrepreneurship, Singapore needs to be less uptight for its people's visions to take off.

As often declared, we are a nation of scarce resources and our main resource is our people.

GE2020 is a good time to do something about this - there are many inspiring candidates, some of whom have proven themselves on the world stage.

Singaporeans should tap their passion to lead Singapore, regardless of their political affiliations.

One final wish is for GE2020 to rise up to the praiseworthy call of Nelson Mandela, that "a nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones".

Loh Kin Poh

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