Forum: A lockdown in Singapore would be for the best

With the rise in the number of Covid-19 cases in Singapore, I am surprised that the Government is not considering imposing a lockdown.

Even though our infection rate is not as high as those of other countries, we should not be complacent and allow activities to go on as usual.

If the lockdown in the Chinese city of Wuhan - where the coronavirus originated - has produced results, we should consider following suit.

Yes, it may disrupt activities and businesses would suffer, but that would be a short-term pain compared with the longer-term benefits if we manage to control the spread of the virus and even reduce the infection rate to zero.

Life can carry on after the lockdown has been imposed.

There would not be any need for incremental measures to control the spread daily.

Singapore residents are mobile by nature. The lockdown would help other countries as well - we would not be allowing any potentially infected person to travel overseas.

Singapore residents should be at the heart of all decisions made.

The long-term benefits should outweigh short-term gains. Do it once and do it good.

Soh Kar Chiang