Forum: A coronavirus number worth highlighting

I have been very impressed with our nation's transparency in the communication of data and updates about the coronavirus, the persistent contact tracing and the meticulous follow-up procedures throughout the crisis (WHO impressed by how S'pore handles outbreak, Feb 20).

It is reassuring to know that the Government is handling the crisis with efficiency and integrity.

I suggest that the authorities highlight the net number of active coronavirus patients - that is, the total number of cases to date minus the number of patients discharged.

This net figure would be less alarming than the gross figure and would help calm the masses and lower the incidence of panic reactions.

A simple chart depicting the rate of increase/decrease of the net number of infected cases would be informative too.

If more patients who have been discharged can share their stories in an interview session, it will also be beneficial.

Cindy Tan Siok Hoong

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