Forum: Excerpts from readers' letters


I thank the Government for putting in place measures to help families cope with the cost of living. I wish to highlight some other areas the Government could look into.

Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantry charges for one. The authorities should consider waiving it for three to six months. The price of petrol and utilities, as well as condominium maintenance fees, could also be lowered.

The Covid-19 situation has serious impact on all industries. If action is taken in the above areas, it will go a long way to help many of us and ease our stress and worries.

Ho Soo Sia


My friends and I are regular users of public swimming pools - at least three times a week.

We have noticed that most pool users just jump straight into the water without a shower.

They ignore the small and not-prominent sign "Shower before entering the pools" installed at all complexes.

In view of the current Covid-19 situation, there should be stronger enforcement of rules that everyone wash up before entering the pool. Pool users should also use appropriate swim wear.

Life guards on duty can help to ensure that all pool users follow good hygiene practices for the benefit of all.

Tan Beng Seow

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