Excerpts from readers' letters: Setback in war on dengue


Dengue fever cases are on the increase despite the efforts of the National Environment Agency (NEA) to release more male mosquitoes carrying the Wolbachia bacteria that make them sterile.

With many condominiums and companies doing fogging on different days and at different times, these male mosquitoes are being killed. This negates the aim of getting the males to mate with females that consequently lay eggs that will not hatch.

NEA should study how to better coordinate its efforts with companies doing fogging.

Victor Lim Kee Liew


I don't quite agree with some experts' view that the circuit breaker measures did not contribute to the rise in the number of dengue infections this year (Number of dengue cases so far this year crosses 10,000 mark, June 10). After the circuit breaker started, my husband, son and I got infected with dengue.

Every year, dengue cases spike during the hot season, but many people are protected from mosquitoes in their air-conditioned offices. This year, most were at home, making them sitting targets for the mosquitoes. My home's windows are open as we do not turn on our air-conditioners during the day.

This just happens to be an unfortunate consequence of the circuit breaker.

Fang Mei Ling


While no one is sure when the Covid-19 pandemic is going to blow over, to hold elections soon would likely mean any campaigning would be done only on online platforms.

While having online campaigning would ensure the safety and health of every citizen, it may unfortunately deprive certain segments of the electorate of a fair means of properly assessing political candidates.

This group would include less information technology-literate voters, such as the elderly, as well as lower-income groups with no ready access to social media and online campaigning.

Edwin Lim