Excerpts from readers' letters: Open-air hawker centre, Total Defence


If the developers taking over the open-air carpark in Grange Road want to draw crowds (Grange Rd carpark to make way for event space with cinema, June 14), what is needed is a hawker centre with true local flavour - open-air with good ventilation and shade.

Something akin to Glutton's Square in Orchard Road in the 1960s and 1970s should be considered. The Makansutra Gluttons Bay foodcourt at the Esplanade also comes close.

Gerard Tan Boon Heng


Covid-19 has created all sorts of problems on a scale not experienced before.

In Singapore, this pandemic has shown how much we need Total Defence and its effective deployment on a countrywide basis.

A book should be published on Singapore's experience in containing the pandemic, in line with the pillars of Total Defence.

This project would provide employment opportunities in these difficult times to those pursuing the literary and journalism paths.

Tiong Choon Hin


Recently, I went to the Housing Board's website in search of an HDB-approved and licensed electrician for minor repair works.

I was dismayed to find that the list of contractors for general home repairs and the suggested pricing for replacement of various works and parts have been removed from the website.

In their place are links to gofix.com and Income's Home Referral Services.

Can the HDB explain the rationale for this change? The task of finding a suitable contractor for minor repairs seems to have become less transparent and less competitive.

And why is preferential treatment seemingly given to those two platforms?

Jeremy Teo Meng Chye

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