Excerpts from readers' letters: GE2020

Embracing of party renewal a good sign

I am sad to see prominent leaders from both sides of the political divide stepping down. But it is good to see that many politicians see the need for party renewal.

As the Workers' Party's former chief Low Thia Khiang said, "a party cannot depend on just an individual or a few individuals".

Many political parties have relied on one or two politicians holding the fort for decades.

That cannot be a healthy sign.

Foo Sing Kheng

Allow dialects in party political broadcasts

I disagree with the Elections Department's (ELD) move to not allow Chinese dialects in the constituency broadcasts (New constituency political broadcasts to air from July 3 to 7, June 25).

Campaigning for the general election will begin tomorrow. All Singaporeans have the right to vote, and to do so requires access to information so that an informed decision on who to vote for can be made.

Rallies have been an avenue for voters, especially seniors who are not tech-savvy, to hear what candidates have to offer. Some seniors can understand only dialects.

This group of voters will not be likely to use social media to view videos from political parties, even if dialects are allowed there.

With election outreach already hampered by the pandemic, it will be helpful if the ELD can allow dialects for the constituency broadcasts so that this group of voters will not be alienated.

Sean Lim Wei Xin

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