Excerpts from readers' letters: Call to help fellow Singaporeans


I appreciate Indonesian tycoon and philanthropist Tahir's $500,000 donation to help needy individuals and families who are affected by the coronavirus in Singapore (Indonesian tycoon gives $500,000 to help those in need here, April 7). Dr Tahir is a permanent resident here.

I encourage wealthy Singaporeans to do their part to sustain the livelihoods of their fellow citizens. As prominent figures of society, they have the means and social responsibility to assist the country and fellow Singaporeans during this difficult period of time.

Foo Sing Kheng


Given the challenging economic situation and the current circuit breaker measures, private-hire drivers have seen their incomes plummet due to the fall in passenger numbers as more people work from home and go out only when necessary.

Given that many such drivers rent their cars from operators such as Grab and Gojek, these operators should take a leaf from ComfortDelGro (ComfortDelGro waives cab rental for one month amid closure of non-essential workplaces, schools, ST Online, April 4) and also waive the car rental charges for the circuit breaker period, or allow drivers to break existing rental contracts without penalty.

Otherwise, drivers will end up using the relief given by the Government to pay for rental costs.

Gregory Lou Wei Ming


The high rate of Covid-19 infection in workers' dormitories highlights the danger of people involuntarily living in proximity.

The authorities should urgently look into other communities living in similar conditions. These include sex workers, who may now be staying in congested quarters. They are in an even worse position than foreign workers in dormitories, with no work and no access to official financial support.

In dire straits, they may turn to working "underground".

Some of them are illegal migrants. If any of them get infected, they are unlikely to seek medical help, both for financial and legal reasons. If any of their clients get infected, they may not be forthcoming during contact tracing.

I hope the authorities will look into such powder keg situations by ensuring the suitability of their living conditions and providing healthcare products, health checks and assistance for basic needs.

Agnes Sng Hwee Lee


During the circuit breaker period, the Government has strongly emphasised that we should stay at home and go out only for essential services.

Most people abide by the rules by staying at home. Shouldn't cable providers support the Government's initiative by increasing the number of free channels they offer during the circuit breaker period?

Lee Yan Ting