Forum: Excerpts from readers' letters

Singapore Skyline and Central Business District with tourists in the backdrop.
Singapore Skyline and Central Business District with tourists in the backdrop.ST PHOTO: SHINTARO TAY


Given the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on Singapore's tourism industry, especially on part-time workers in the service industry and those freelancing as guides and coach drivers, would the authorities consider a relief package in the upcoming Budget to mitigate the downturn in the sector?

Taim Oon Chew


Many young adults spend their years studying to find a window of opportunity that they sometimes miss due to the disruptive nature of the economy and other uncertainties.

Learning is great for the development of lateral and vertical thinking (Nearly 1 in 3 poly grads makes it to a local university, Jan 28).

But beyond a point, there is little that continuous learning can offer. And what these young adults are missing out on is the development of the soft psychological tools, skills and values - such as empathy, compassion, relationship building and resilience - that will strengthen them and help them grow in their careers.

Why not get out and do what one can with some education, and then return to school to strengthen core knowledge and skills to make them more relevant in a changing environment?

Frank Singam


I fully support the authorities' decision to phase out discretionary right turns at traffic junctions to safeguard pedestrians, following the recent spate of accidents.

However, the decision to implement this at the junction of Buyong Road and Cavenagh Road puzzles me - there is no pedestrian crossing there, and the already-heavy peak-hour traffic has become worse.

The traffic jam at this junction now stretches to Penang Road during peak hours, and many impatient motorists now opt to illegally filter at the last minute to make the turn onto Cavenagh Road instead of joining the long queue. This could result in more accidents.

The authorities should prioritise junctions with pedestrian crossings, and closely monitor traffic conditions at junctions where discretionary right turns have been replaced.

Julia Lim Suet Lin


In the past, the general public or library users could contact National Library Board (NLB) staff through different phone numbers.

Now, however, all calls are directed to an automated interactive voice response system that tells callers to find the answers through NLB's website.

The public should be able to speak or provide feedback to NLB staff instead of speaking to a machine.

David Kwok


Recently, I went to Admiralty Park with my children to check out the new play area.

While my children enjoyed the play area, my experience was marred by the litter left by inconsiderate park users.

What was especially annoying was that there were many cigarette butts scattered at the children's slide.

This is despite signs informing the public that Admiralty Park is a smoke-free place.

I did my civic duty and cleared the cigarette butts to create a cleaner and more pleasant environment.

I urge the National Parks Board and the National Environment Agency to clamp down on smokers who blatantly disregard the no-smoking rule, as well as litterbugs.

Lee Yong Se

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