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Distribution of the TraceTogether tokens will start at 20 community centres and clubs in Jalan Besar and Tanjong Pagar from Sept 14, 2020.
Distribution of the TraceTogether tokens will start at 20 community centres and clubs in Jalan Besar and Tanjong Pagar from Sept 14, 2020.PHOTOS: SMART NATION AND DIGITAL GOVERNMENT GROUP, ST FILE


Besides TraceTogether's Bluetooth technology, the Government should explore emerging technologies such as the more efficient ultra-wide band (Contact tracing to get a boost with distribution of new tokens, Sept 12). UWB is intended for real-time location systems and its precision capabilities and low power make it very suitable for radio frequency-sensitive, crowded environments. It is currently utilised in hospitals.

With UWB embedded in 5G-enabled phones, coupled with TraceTogether tokens, this will ensure that contact tracing is more proficient in this Covid-19 era.

Lee Kek Chin


I was so happy to finally receive my silver PAssion card which doubles as a transport concession card.

But my happiness was short-lived when I realised how archaic the card is for this day and age. I cannot make any other transactions or digital transfers with the card except to use it for my transportation, namely buses and trains only. There is no feature enabling me to go cashless with it. I cannot use it to pay for any purchase. In the end, I am saddled with another card taking up space in my wallet as it provides me the concession I need. It cannot be stored into any e-wallet as well.

I hope the card can quickly assimilate the payWave or ez-link functions to make it more viable for use.

Priscilla Teo


I was concerned by the pictures of auxiliary policemen emptying numerous bottles and cans of alcohol into a drain (MOM to consider easing alcohol ban in dorms, but checks to continue for now, Sept 19).

These drains channel rainwater to our water catchment areas. They should not be polluted by liquid waste like alcohol, oil, detergent and other chemical solutions.

The many emptied glass bottles and metal cans should also be recycled instead of simply being discarded.

Let us all do our part by disposing of our waste responsibly and recycling as much as we can to enhance our environment's sustainability.

Edwin Pang


As water is such a precious commodity in Singapore, why don't the town planners design large tunnels of water retention tanks underneath all roads? There are already drains along all roads now; water can flow from these drains directly into the retention tunnels under the roads. Imagine the amount of water that can be collected and stored. If the planners are already thinking of building underground for added space in land-constrained Singapore, they should build water retention tanks under all the roads as well.

Choo Meileen

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