Excerpts from readers' letters


I am heartened to know that the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is working with banks to wean companies and individuals off the relief measures rolled out during the coronavirus pandemic (MAS to help people, firms ease dependence on relief measures, July 17).

The relief measures cannot last forever. Consider incentives such as three to six months of interest-free repayments for borrowers.

By differentiating an embattled borrower from the other borrowers, a targeted approach may then be adopted for embattled borrowers, which may include extension of a debt moratorium or a longer repayment period.

Ultimately, not all companies will be able to stay afloat. Banks may need higher provision for bad debts.

Foo Sing Kheng


I understand that many employees, including those working at statutory boards, are currently working from home. But telephone calls to said statutory boards should still be answered promptly and dutifully.

Since April, I have tried calling Sport Singapore's phone numbers, as well as the phone numbers of ActiveSG swimming complexes, but the phone either rings with no one picking up the call, or I hear an engaged tone.

What other means of communication are available if calls are not being answered?

David Kwok Ng Kan


I agree with Mr Kevin Chua Hock Meng (Character and citizenship education often neglected in schools, July 23). I find that the schools here may not really enforce character and citizenship education.

Also, one thing that should be addressed is the need to educate children to be more inclusive and tolerant towards others who are "different", such as children who are socially awkward, who are on the autistic spectrum, or who suffer from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and other neurological challenges. Teaching children not to bully and to stand up for those who are vulnerable is key in building character and citizenship.

Florence Beckmann


I recently called a bank to inquire about a personal loan. From the next day, I began to receive messages and calls from unknown numbers offering loans from moneylenders, a flood that lasted for almost three weeks.

I can't help but wonder if the two are connected. Do banks maintain customer confidentiality?

N. Nagesh

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