Excerpts from readers' letters: 24-hour supermarkets


I urge FairPrice to consider operating all its outlets 24 hours a day during the current circuit breaker period. The additional manpower necessary at the outlets could be drawn from the large pool of people who are currently jobless.

Chua Thai Nguan


SingPass is phasing out physical security tokens now that the app has surpassed the million-user mark (SingPass to phase out physical tokens as app passes million-user mark, April 3).

People such as my elderly mother, who is in her 80s, still need the token to access their Central Provident Fund and other accounts. She doesn't have her own mobile phone. And I am unable to link her SingPass with my phone number.

We have no intention of getting a phone and line for my mum just for the sake of SingPass' two-factor authentication. I'm sure we aren't alone in this. Could the authorities please retain the use of the physical token?

Lim Pei Pei


The Solidarity Payment of $600 to all Singaporeans aged 21 and above will benefit many whose livelihoods have been adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, many charities are likely to have seen a drop in public donations at this time, and a rise in demand for their services.

Some Singaporeans who can afford to do so may wish to donate all or part of their Solidarity Payment to charity.

To reinforce the spirit of solidarity, it may be helpful if the SMS notification of the Solidarity Payment could include options for recipients to easily donate all or some of their payment to the Community Chest.

Ben Gibran


The Land Transport Authority should look into the design of public bus windows to enable fresh air to circulate inside in times of emergency such as the current Covid-19 pandemic.

As there is community spread of Covid-19 in Singapore, one way to reduce the risk of infection is to open all the windows on public buses so that fresh air can circulate. This is especially important when someone coughs or sneezes inside the bus.

Goh Ee Ca


With heightened safe distancing measures, people are doing online grocery shopping. I have been hearing and reading comments that delivery slots are full. Would the supermarkets consider outsourcing delivery?

There are many people who are currently free and staying at home and don't mind doing some paid delivery work. This will improve the online shopping experience. A deposit can be made by the delivery personnel to allay any fears that goods will go missing.

Sonny Lim