Forum: Excerpts from readers' letters


FairPrice might have frozen the prices of 100 of its house brand items until the end of next month (FairPrice freezes prices of 100 house brand items till mid-2020, March 19, 2019), but there has been a hike in price for some of the other items.

I paid $1.55 for five Egyptian Valencia oranges on April 13. A month later on May 13, I paid $2.25 for five of the same oranges at the same FairPrice outlet.

Why has the price of these oranges gone up by almost 50 per cent within a month?

Noel Low


I recently came across two deposits into my personal banking account that bore transaction codes, but had no other information on the depositing parties.

As I was not expecting any payment, I wrote to my bank to inquire who had made the payments.

The bank replied that they could not disclose the depositing parties "due to banking confidentiality".

I believe I have the responsibility to ensure all transactions in and out of my own bank account are fully accounted for.

Luo Siao Ping


It breaks my heart to hear that some part-time workers with no contracts are not being paid during the circuit breaker period as their employers have no jobs for them and do not consider them employees. Their families still need to be fed.

We need to speak up for the vulnerable, and raise awareness of how such things are happening around us despite being out of sight.

Nicholas Tan


The World Health Organisation has warned that spraying disinfectant on the streets does not eliminate the coronavirus and even poses a health risk (Spraying disinfectant on streets can be harmful: WHO, May 18). It also said that spraying individuals with disinfectant is "not recommended under any circumstances".

Some restaurant and shop owners have installed machines at their front entrances to spray small amounts of disinfectant on people. The Straits Times spoke to experts who warned against the use of such disinfection tunnels (Experts caution against use of disinfection tunnels, May 21).

In the light of the news that this is not only ineffective in containing the spread of the coronavirus, but also may harm individuals' well-being, I hope the authorities ban such machines.

Rachel Tan Wee Cho

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