Forum: Ensuring arts ecosystem stays resilient

Queen's Own Hill And Its Environs by Robert Zhao Renhui displayed at Block 22 Gillman Barracks. PHOTO: ROBERT ZHAO RENHUI

The National Arts Council (NAC) is committed to sustaining a healthy arts ecosystem where reputable and high quality arts galleries contribute to artistic development and artwork acquisitions by public and private collectors (Reviving Gillman Barracks should be a priority, by Jeffrey Say Seck Leong, Aug 27).

We have supported the Gillman Barracks arts tenants through our programming efforts and witnessed how local art literacy has increased through initiatives such as night-time open house event Art After Dark and successful editions of Singapore Art Week, alongside strong art market platforms such as boutique art show S.E.A. Focus.

The Covid-19 situation has necessitated further focus by commercial galleries on long-term sustainability not just in Singapore, but also internationally.

As part of the Government's efforts to help businesses tide over the Covid-19 pandemic, the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) has granted two months of rental waiver to NTU Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) and four months of rental waiver to all gallery and F&B tenants within Gillman Barracks.

For the visual arts sector to thrive, we should be prepared to review business models to stay relevant and competitive as an arts hub for Singapore and the region.

NAC will therefore also review our strategies so that our arts ecosystem, including commercial galleries, stays resilient and sustainable.

Tay Tong


Sector Development (Visual Arts)

National Arts Council

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