Forum: Enforce purchase limits of customers at supermarkets

Shoppers at the Fairprice outlet at VivoCity on April 3, 2020.
Shoppers at the Fairprice outlet at VivoCity on April 3, 2020.ST PHOTO: GAVIN FOO

On April 3, there was again a "run" on our supermarkets as residents went on a panic buying and hoarding spree of groceries and essentials in anticipation of the announcement of sterner measures in tackling the Covid-19 crisis, and little has changed since.

Throughout the island, supermarket checkout queues have been extremely long, with shopping trolleys filled to the brim.

A few weeks ago, FairPrice announced purchase limits on the quantities of food items and essentials for each customer.

Clearly, FairPrice has not been enforcing this purchase limit at its outlets. Why is this so?

In fact, FairPrice customers are making use of the supermarket's shopping trolleys to beat the purchase limits.

FairPrice should, during this crisis period, stop making its cavernous shopping trolleys available to customers. Shoppers can bring their own small shopping trolleys, many of whom do.

While at it, FairPrice should also take the opportunity to review its policy on the age-old issue of its trolleys being taken away from its outlets by shoppers. Clearly, an inconsiderate social practice we would like to see eradicated.

My appreciation and praise go to the checkout and restocking staff at the FairPrice supermarkets, and those at the other supermarkets.

Clearly, they have their hands full, and cannot possibly enforce the purchase limits at the point of checkout.

I am sure the capable FairPrice management team, and those of the other supermarkets, will be able to overcome this issue.

Tan Soon Hock

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