Forum: Can P1 registration process be simplified?

Pupils entering a school.
Pupils entering a school.ST PHOTO: KELVIN CHNG

The current Primary 1 registration system has created unnecessary stress for parents by putting in so many complicated steps and phases.

A child of Singaporeans with no ties or affiliations with a school could end up being allowed to register only towards the last phases.

Why can't there be just a simple process to allow parents to choose four primary schools upfront and allocate the children to one of them?

This way, a pupil would get at least one of his choices. Some parents just want our child to study at nearby schools.

Now, after an unsuccessful application for Phase 2C - even when one lives within a 1km radius of the school - parents are forced to choose from a very limited list of schools that have leftover vacancies.

And if this is also unsuccessful, the poor child may end up at an unpopular school assigned by the Ministry of Education, and possibly one that is located far away from the pupil's home.

With this system, we all know which are the unpopular schools. It has been said that "every school is a good school", but why do we have a system that exposes the unpopular schools?

Would any parent want his child to start his academic life in an unpopular school?

Ong Li Li

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