Forum: Baffled by visitor limit imposed at Jurong Bird Park

A family enters Jurong Bird Park on July 24, 2020.
A family enters Jurong Bird Park on July 24, 2020.PHOTO: AFP

It was reported that Singaporeans will be given $320 million in "tourism credits" to spend domestically (Singaporeans to get $320m in tourism vouchers to boost sector, Aug 18).

But this is going to be difficult, given the way some major attractions are implementing visitor caps at their premises.

Last Friday, my family went to Jurong Bird Park and timed our walkabout in the park to reach the amphitheatre before the show started at 3pm. To most visitors, the bird show is the highlight of any visit to Jurong Bird Park.

We arrived at 2.54pm but were told by staff that the amphitheatre was already full. We pointed out that it was mostly empty but were then told that there was a maximum 50-visitor limit. I was taken aback that only 50 people would be allowed in such a large, open-air space.

I can understand the 50-person limit at relatively small indoor places, especially if there is mingling among the people present, such as places of worship.

In fact, some places of worship already allow 100 people for services.

At supermarkets and wet markets, people move about all the time, and the chances of close contact with one another are much higher, yet the crowd control and restrictions are much more relaxed.

I cannot understand the irrational decision to limit to 50 the number of people allowed in that large amphitheatre, which is open air, where people wear face masks and remain seated to watch a show, and not mingle. Plus, seats were also marked out to ensure safe distancing.

Officials responsible should make such decisions on a rational basis.

Tan Peng Boon

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